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Geological Survey of India - Training Institute
About Geological Survey of India Training Institute

The Geological Survey of India, the premier Geoscientific Organization in the country is devoted to a charter of activities that includes geological mapping of the whole country on different scales, consolidation of geological data base for the development of mineral based industries, energy and environmental resources, research activities and dissemination of knowledge on all earth science related aspects. As the geo-scientific education in the country lacks adequate practical component, professional training is an unavoidable requisite. Accordingly a full-fledged Training Institute was constituted in 1976 with headquarters at Raipur primarily with a view to orient the new recruits to professional practices. In course of years, Geological Survey of India Training Institute (GSITI) has also been fulfilling the role of acquainting the geoscientists to the latest advancements in their respective fields of knowledge as they progress in the organization. Training courses are designed taking in to cognizance the continuous developments in science and technology and concomitant diversification and modernization of activities in the organization.
GSITI imparts state-of-the-art training in various disciplines of Earth Science. The Institute with its headquarters at Hyderabad conducts various training programmes through six centres located at Lucknow (UttarPradesh), Zawar (Rajasthan), Ranchi (Jharkhand), Raipur (Chattisgarh), Chitradurga (Karnataka) and Hyderabad, besides specialised divisions such as Photo Geology and Remote Sensing (PGRS), Geophysics and INDIGEO located at Hyderabad.

Since its inception in 1976, the GSITI has conducted number of training Programmes and trained numerous geoscientists of GSI, other earth science organisations, and universities of the country and also geoscientists of ESCAP and other countries. The training programmes are focused on fundamentals and applied aspects of geoscience viz. Geology, Geophysics, Geochemistry, Natural Hazards, Remote Sensing, Drilling and Surveying. The Institute regularly conducts Department of Science & Technology (DST) sponsored SERC Summer / Winter School Programme, ISRO (Department of Space) sponsored Remote Sensing (NNRMS) programme, marine geophysical survey for the officers of Indian Navy and National Hydrographic office and customized courses for other agencies.

For strengthening the application of digital techniques in geoscientific data processing, Project INDIGEO, a collaborative venture between the Geological Survey of India, International Institute for Geo-information and Earth Observation (ITC), and Maastricht School of Management (MSM), The Netherlands and Association of Exploration Geophysicists (AEG), India was launched in 1999. Since its inception more than 500 officials of GSI and other sister organisations were trained in various digital techniques.

Emphasis is laid on training scientists engaged in thrust activities. New programmes in specialised disciplines covering Remote Sensing, Engineering Geology, Palaeontology, Environment, Modern Instrumental Methods of Analysis and Surveying have been started. Geochemical Mapping, Physical Volcanology, Ore-Microscopy and Fluid Inclusion studies and Environmental Geochemistry are some of the thrust areas addressed with a renewed approach. Refresher courses on Legal Administration for Nodal Officers dealing with legal cases, Liaison officers for SC/ST and Administrative officers, training on personal effectiveness for Group ‘C’ Ministerial Staff and Refresher Courses for Drivers has been introduced. Workshop on Official Language implementation has been introduced on an experimental basis.

R & D programmes involving application of digital techniques in disaster management are also being pursued at GSITI with an aim to develop new methodologies.

The faculty for the training programmes consists of experienced geoscientists of GSI and eminent scientists from National Geoscientific Institutes and Universities.

Training Centres

The GSI Training Institute, with its headquarters at Hyderabad, conducts training courses through six Training Centres and specialized Divisions such as Photo Geology and Remote Sensing (PGRS), Geophysics and Project INDIGEO. Field based training programmes are conducted at the following Centres to cover varied geological terrains of the country.

  1. Chitradurga Training Centre, Karnataka
  2. Lucknow Training Centre, Uttar Pradesh
  3. Raipur Training Centre, Chhattisgarh
  4. Ranchi Training Centre, Jharkhand
  5. Zawar Training Centre, Rajasthan
  6. Hyderabad Training Centre, Andhra Pradesh

The Hyderabad Centre imparts training in various laboratory and field aspects.

PGRS division, Hyderabad, conducts programmes on image processing techniques, photogrammetry and application of remote sensing in geology.

The Geophysics Division conducts programmes either at Hyderabad or at other centers, depending on the nature of the training Course.

The Project INDIGEO, a collaborative venture of GSI with ITC and MSM, the Netherlands and AEG, India since 1999, aims at enhancing the digital processing capability of scientists of GSI and other organizations and acquainting officers of the Department with modern management practices. Project INDIGEO is equipped with the state-of-the-art computer facilities and is imparting training using ArcGIS, AutoCAD Map, ERDAS Imagine, etc. for capturing, manipulating, processing and visualization of geo-science data. The technical collaboration with ITC, the Netherlands have been renewed for three more years through an MOU signed in 2004 and the emphasis continues to be on programmes covering basic as well as some advanced GIS, digitization techniques and computer based interpretation of geochemical data. These programmes are designed to familiarize the officers with the basic and applied aspects of information technology with special reference to earth sciences. In addition, computer awareness programmes to expose officers and staff to the basics of computer concepts and application are mounted on a regional basis.

Training Courses and Fees
Course Calender and Fees
Sl No. Duration of Course Per week charges for Govt.Depts./Universities Per week charges for others
    Oct. 07 to Mar.08 Apr.08 to Sep.08 Oct. 07 to Mar.08 Apr.08 to Sep.08
1 One week 9,952/- 10,574/- 12,515/- 13,292/-
2 Up to 3 weeks 8,009/- 8,506/- 9,952/- 10,574/-
3 Up to 5 weeks 6,964/- 7,399/- 8,706/- 9,250/-
4 Up to 20 weeks 5,970/- 6,343/- 7,462/- 7,928/-
5 More than 20 weeks 4,976/- 5,287/- 6,216/- 6,604/-
Service Tax and Educational Cess will be charged over and above course fee as applicable
Course fee does not include boarding and lodging charges
No course fee for ISRO and DST sponsored courses
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