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Archival Maps
Map section of M & C Division, CHQ possesses a huge volume of invaluable Geological Maps, drawings, sketches, sections and plans compiled by stalwarts of Earth Sciences since the inception of GSI. There are also maps as part of Memoirs and Record volumes starting from 1850 AD. The Map Section is also in possession of very old Quarter inch and 1 inch geological maps of archival interest. These are results of surveys and investigations carried all over India and adjoining countries like Myanmar, Afghanistan, and Iran etc. These maps are quite often referred by the geoscientists of GSI and academicians. Because of their priceless nature and archival value the original maps are not issued to anybody even within GSI as per policy decision. Scanned images of these maps are available for consultation. The following interface can be used to search for the scanned images of these historical maps.
Archival Map
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