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GSI at a glance
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Present Activity Domains
Surface Mapping
  • Systematic Geological Mapping
  • Specialised Thematic Mapping
  • Geochemical Mapping
  • Geophysical Mapping
  • Aero geophysical Mapping
Offshore Survey and Exploration
  • Systematic Survey of Exclusive Economic Zone and beyond
  • Systematic Survey of Territorial Waters
  • Mineral Resource Survey
  • Coastal Environment Survey
  • Legal Continental Shelf Survey
  • Recognition and mapping of magnetic and gravity anomalies in sea bed
  • Marine Geo-techniques
Mineral and Energy Resources Exploration
  • Energy Resources (Coal and Lignite)
  • Energy Resources Study (other than Coal and Lignite)
    1. Coal bed Methane
    2. Gas Hydrates
    3. Geothermal Energy
    4. Ocean thermal and Tidal energy
  • Ores and Minerals (Non-coal minerals/metals) comprising
    1. Base metals (copper, lead-zinc
    2. Precious metals and minerals (gold, diamond, platinum group metals etc.)
    3. Strategic and rare metals and minerals (tin, tungsten, REE etc.)
    4. Ferrous minerals (chromite, manganèse etc.)
    5. Fertiliser minerals (potash, phosphorite etc.)
    6. Industrial minerals (limestone, dolomite etc.)
Engineering Geology and Geotechnical Investigations
  • Hydroelectric and Irrigation projects
  • Communication Projects
  • Gas and oil pipelines
  • Slope stability
  • Land subsidence
Sponsored Schemes
  • Water Resources Development projects like irrigations, hydel power etc
  • Communication projects, particularly road/rail alignment in mountain regions and bridges
  • Engineering constructions and miscellaneous projects
  • Geotechnical evaluation of major river basins.
Geoenvironmental and Fragile Ecosystem
  • Land use capability
  • Urban Geology
  • Agro-geology including rapid top soil erosion
  • Geo-ecology
  • Desertification
Geo-environmental Studies include
  • Environmental resource appraisal
  • Studies on environmental impact, mitigation of effects of urban development
  • Global change programme
Shallow Subsurface Geology
  • Regolith Geology
  • Shallow Subsurface Geology and Drilling up to 300 metres
  • Drill Core Library and Documentation of cores
Geology of Water Resources
  • Glaciological Studies
  • Major Geo-hydrological Cycles
  • Water Quality Assessment
  • Response of water regimes of climate change
  • Problems of Seawater Incursion
Geological Hazards
  • Seismology, Seismotectonics and Seismic Microzonation
    1. Active Fault Studies
    2. Seismic microzonation studies of major urban/industrial complex
    3. Observational seismology for earthquake monitoring
  • Landslides, Landslide Zonation and Avalanches
  • Floods and palaeo-floods, Coastal Zone Hazards
  • Studies on volcanism
  • Studies on geological health-hazards (arsenic, fluoride in ground water) and medical geology
Research & Development
  • Crustal Evolution
  • Metallogeny
  • Geodynamics of Indian Plate and its consequences
  • Climate change and responses of Environmental System-past and future
  • Deep continental studies including deep drilling
  • Evolution of sedimentary basins through space and time
  • High resolution stratigraphy and Palaeo-biology
  • Geomorphology, Quaternary geology, neo-tectonics, Palaeo-seismology
  • Meteorites and extra-terrestrial material
  • Geosciences instrumentation
  • Studies in Antarcticas
Information Services and Education
  • Development and dissemination of geo-scientific databases
  • Map Compilation
  • R&D partnerships with academic institutions and laboratories
  • Museums
  • Public Awareness and school education Programme
  • Publication
    1. Soft Copy Conversion of Reports and Maps
    2. Map compilation and Printing
    3. Publication
    4. Customisation of data packages
    5. Participation in ‘National Spatial Data Infrastructure’ (NSDI)
    6. Creation of Organizational Information Infrastructure involving GSI Intranet and Enterprise Information Portal
    7. Curatorial Activity
    8. Mass Communication
Commercial Activity
  • Technical Consultancy
  • Business Development
  • Commercial ventures and partnerships in India and abroad
Human Resource Development
  • Departmental Training Programme
  • Extra Departmental Training
  • Training abroad for nucleating groups in challenging thrust areas and priority areas
  • Training of outsiders in GSI
International Activities
  • Organization of International Symposium
  • Participation in IGCP
  • Bilateral Correlation Programme
  • Geo-scientific Study in Antarctica
Vigilance Administration
  • Property Statement Returns
  • Addressal of Complaints
  • Review and Monitoring
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