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Through its existence of more than 155 years, Geological Survey of India has gathered immense expertise regarding various aspects of geoinformation management and has generated voluminous amount of geoscientific data through its relentless field surveys and laboratory studies. GSI disseminates these information in the form of maps, publications and unpublished reports. GSI had always catered to the needs of the Govt. departments /enterprises, academicians and public entrepreneurs in the mineral, industrial, infrastructure, urban and environmental planning sectors.
The opening up of the mineral and mining sectors following the announcement of New Mineral Policy and amendment of MMDR Act, 1993 by the Govt. of India had resulted in burgeoning interest of national and multinational companies in the Indian mineral sector. Moreover, the last two decades saw a large number of infrastructural projects seeking geotechnical input from GSI. Consequently, the demand for quality geoscientific services increased manifold. GSI promptly responded to this new challenging scenario and donned the garb of a facilitator in the mineral development sector in addition to its primary responsibility of generation and upkeep of geoscientific database of the country. The commercial arm of GSI, the Technical Consultancy Services (TCS) divisions were thus set up in GSI, first at the Central Headquarters in 1993 and subsequently in the Regional Headquarters.
The mandate of TCS division is to liaison / negotiate with sponsors / clients, prepare MoUs for collaborative / sponsored programmes, evaluate and price the existing technical (unpublished) reports, maps and other databases, either on the basis of approved Schedule of Charges or on the basis of actual expenditure incurred by the department. Monitoring of the Internal Resources Generation by GSI is also attended by the TCS divisions. The Regional TCS divisions perform a similar role within their jurisdiction.
GSI provides technical consultancy, data and services to prospective investors and agencies, both national and multinational on different commodities and aspects. (Data on the restricted areas are provided subject to the clearance from Ministry of Defence/ Survey of India as per instruction of the GOI). The gamut of services includes the following:
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