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India is a country with diverse physical attributes, rich cultural heritage and eventful ancient history. Tourism plays a major role in showcasing this great country to the rest of the world. Of late, there has been significant initiative in promoting tourism even in remotest corners of the country.

Indian subcontinent exhibits imprints of varied geological processes through ages and is a storehouse of interesting geological features. Geological Survey of India has already enlisted some of those locales as National Geological Monuments. It is imperative that the Tourist Map of India would be greatly enriched by the inclusion of these geological monuments and alike, so that the visitors from the country and abroad can have an insight in the real past - the formation of the subcontinent, the orogeny, the palaeoenvironment and the exotic collection of paleo - flora and fauna.

Geological Map of India
Geological Survey of India has undertaken the responsibility of protection and promotion of such features and has declared 26 such sites, located in different parts of the country, as National geological Monuments.

A Special publication on "National Geological Monuments" was released to commemorate GSI's 150 year Anniversary celebration in 2001 to generate interest at large and help in preserving these natural wonders as precious national heritage.

Travel Brochure on National Geological Monuments of India: Region South
Shri R. H. Khwaja, Secretary to Govt. of India, MoM has released the Travel Brochure 'National Geological Monuments of India: Region South' on Geotourism during his visit to GSI office, Southern Region, Hyderabad on 1st January, 2013
Brochure: National Geological Monuments of India : Region South
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