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Fossil Wood Parks
Insitu fossil wood log at Akal Park
Annular rings in transverse section
Akal Fossil Wood Park, Jaisalmer District is a wonder for the tourists who know that Jaisalmer as a part of the great Thar desert. The petrified wood carries signature of the luxuriant forests in a warm and humid climate, bordering the sea some 180 m.y. ago. The 21 hectar Fossil Park contains about a dozen fossil wood logs lying horizontal in random orientation. The longest specimen is 13.4 m x 0.9 m. The fossils are of petrophyllum, ptyllophyllum, equisetitis species and dicotyledonous wood and gastropod shells of Lower Jurassic period.
The area is located near Akal, 18 km SE from Jaisalmer on the NH-15.
Location Map
National Fossil Wood Park, Tiruvakkarai, Villupuram District, Tamilnadu. Here 200 fossil trees ranging in length from 3-15 m and upto 5 m in girth are seen lying horizontally embdedded in Cuddalore Sandstone of Mio-Pliocene age (Ca 20 m.y.). It is located 1 km east of Tiruvakkarai village and lies 155 km SSW of Chennai following N.H. 45 upto Kutteripattu via Tindivanam. The Kutteripattu – Pondicherry road passes through the temple town of Mailam which is a famous pilgrim centre. It can also be approached from Pondicherry.
Location Map
National Fossil Wood Park in Sattanur, Perambalur District contains large trunks of petrified trees of Upper Cretaceous age (100 m.y). The trees belong to conifers (non-flowering) that dominated the land vegetation during the period. The fossilised tree trunk at Sattanur measures over 18 m in length.
It is situated about 700 m north of the village which can be approached by NH-45 connecting Chennai with Tiruchchirapalli upto Siruvachchur village. From Siruvachchur an unmetalled road connects Sattanur village which is about 14 km eastward.
Location Map
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