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Columnar Basalt
Columnar Basaltic Lava, Coconut Island (St. Mary’s Islands), Udupi District, Karnataka displays majestic array of multi-faced columns developed in the basalts of Deccan Trap. These marvelous structures, called Columnar Joints in geological parlance are nature’s exquisite handiwork. The geometrical form of the rock mosaic resembles the work of an expert sculptor.

The Deccan Trap, evolved due to vast outpouring of hot molten basaltic lava in the western part of India during Cretaceous – Eocene time (about 60 million years ago) are now present as flat topped hills and step like terraces.

St. Mary’s Island are a tiny group of four picturesque islands situated off the west coast of India near Malpe, a small hamlet about 6 km west of Udupi, the district headquarters. The Udupi town is about 60 km WNW of Mangalore (nearest Airport). It is also linked to Mumbai and Thiruvananthapuram by the West Coast Railway.
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Columnar basaltic lava
Columnar basaltic lava
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